Cool: An Introduction - Published by Ishmael Reed's KONCH

Cool: An Introduction

There’s something to this…
Straight razor sleeping
on the coffee-table.
On the faded blue couch,
in the backseat of the LTD.

Something about this…
mystery ring,
black stone and heavy silver, and talk
of the candy lady above the pool-hall.
And there is, though.

And there’s something about this monkey suit, too.
Red and gold,
like a fire chief on top of a wedding cake.
And the sand,
of course,
fine, spread it out
for The Dance Everybody’s doing now.
Or will be. And that’s
Spats, or The Doughboy, and The Rope too.
There’s something to that, still.

There’s something in this razor,
on the inside pocket of the suit,
Next to a red velvet purse rattling a root
and two new pennies.

Down here at the hotel,
all crying
premium beer from the Vegan Sex Grotto.

Something to,
This straight razor,
on the wedding cake,
red as a fire monkey.

Falling asleep outside again,
like the day don’t matter
like it was tomorrow yesterday

Something to this
motherfucking armor
we built
like we ain't truly human
susceptible to violent madness of love and loss,
separated from our babies,
and at war with the women.

There’s something to this.
There is.

Ishmael Reed Publishing Company ©1998–2010