Post-Human Dada Guide

Andrei Codrescu:
The Post Human Dada Guide

Ever read a book and think, "Well, this is the last book I'll ever need"? No? That's because you haven't picked up The Post Human Dada Guide (Princeton, 248 pages, $16.95). A dictionary, a history of art movements, a manifesto, and a joke book; it traverses high and low, seeking answers to our most persistent confusions about art, culture, and identity. The ever-lucid Andrei Codrescu gets us to witness Dada and communism as a chess game for world domination between Tristan Tzara and V.I. Lenin. As it unfolds, images of Hugo Ball, Newt Gingrich, and William Burroughs and others float in and disappear. By the end, the reader has come to grips with Codrescu's stoic, but darkly hopeful, vision for a future that is no future at all.